RussiaGate/MoscowGate : The Czech/Belgian Political Offensive Diversion for Freemasons' Benefits

The Russiagate about Euro-Parliament corruption, again after QatarGate, is a Political Offensive Diversion made by both corrupted European countries, Czech Republic with Belgium. 

​BIS, the Czech Intelligence services provided suddenly to Belgian authorities, this case of corruption and infiltration with Euro-Parliament, by Russia, via a Czech organization named "Voice of Europe". 
Indeed, it is a plot with other aims than the apparent one of cleansing European institutions.
It is an offensive diversion, meaning this media case is, on the one hand, a diversion from the real issue of real corruption network within Europe, and on the other hand, a way to cause damages on a specific political movement Freemasons are against.

In other words, this fake case has been planned and is undertaken by Czech authorities because they have to hide some very dirty and villainous behaviour and actions, like the covering up of the KBC/CSOB case. CSOB being a Czech bank owned and handled by the Belgian Group KBC.
This explains why this case has been suddenly revealed now, and by only both concerned agencies, Czech and Belgian “secret services”. For example, the Czech Intelligence Services, “BIS”, has as main “work” to protect the reputation of Czech Republic, and not at all, Truth and Justice.

All Czech authorities including BIS, and also, the Belgian Federal Bench, are covering up since more than one year this international case I'm denouncing, concerning several criminal offences, including financial frauds of money laundering and helping of financing terrorism, made by CSOB's and KBC's people.
A criminal complaint filed at both countries' authorities, with no result... 

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