2022, Russia has already lost Ukraine War and V. Putin is already dead

Or How To Understand How The World Is Really Running, And By Whom...

From the Square-BIZ's Global Statement June/October 2022, To Additional Information until August 2023.


Achieved the 27th of August 2023.

Revelations and Analyses by Laurent A.C. GRANIER, Environ-Mental Profiler


  1. Preamble 7

  2. Introduction 9

  3. A Quick Overview on Square-Biz 13

  4. The Necessity of the War as a Demonstration to the West 15

  5. Vanity is not Pride, and Pride is not Vanity 17

  6. The Necessity of the Nuclear Threat 19

  7. The Necessity of the Use of the Nuclear Weapon 21

  8. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the issue for Ukraine 23

  9. The Russia's Lost War or the “Russia's Vietnam” 25

  10. The Death of Vladimir Putin 27

  11. The Vladimir Putin's weakness 29

  12. How Vladimir Putin's Russia would have won or could win 31

  13. And what about NATO 33

  14. And what about United Nations 35

  15. And what about China and Taiwan 37

  16. Second part of this statement, written in spring 2023 39

  17. “Wagner”, the Yevgeny Prigozhin's scam 41

  18. An what about NATO few months before WW3, euphemistically named solely “Ukraine War” 43

  19. “DHL”, the perfect example of Russian infiltrating and spying network within a German official international company 43

  20. The Ball of Clowns as Mediators for Peace 47

  21. And what about the European Commission and the Euro-Parliament, its Own Corruption and its Dishonesty in matter of “Democracy” 49

  22. Some proofs about the dirtiness spirit of European Community's responsible people. 56

  23. The Ukrainian government refusing peace. 56

  24. The corruption of V. Zelenskyy and his entourage. 57

  25. The Ukrainian baby trafficking. 57

  26. And what about some other European Community/Commission's tricks 60

  27. Euro, the European currency trick 60

  28. Croatia, the European “new real member” trick 60

  29. The so-called U.S. and European sanctions against Russia 61

  30. And so, about European Companies, European banks and European countries, handled and/or owned by Putin's Russia 63

  31. “KBC Group”, a Belgian example of Russian infiltrating, manipulating, blackmailing, extorting, and retaliations system 63

  32. “UBS”, the Swiss example of Russian 64

  33. infiltrating, manipulating, blackmailing, extorting, and retaliations system 64

  34. And what about NATO 67

  35. Few words about Nuclear Tactic 73

  36. Few words about U.S. agencies and administrations 75

  37. F.B.I. 75

  38. C.I.A. 76

  39. Department of Justice (DoJ). 77

  40. About the Task Force KleptoCapture's scam 77

  41. France, the forgotten traitor outsider, the excellence in matter of cowardice 79

  42. How V. Putin missed the biggest opportunity to win the war. 83

  43. Just a few words about the last important event, the death of Y. Prigozhin 89

  44. What is coming next during the present WW3, the expected Final Chapter 91

  45. List of Euro-parliament's people who received Square-BIZ's notices : 99

  46. List of European Commission's people who received Square-BIZ's notices : 101

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